Friday, July 27, 2012

Big-spending top cop in W.A.

PREMIER Colin Barnett says he is concerned at details of a Corruption and Crime Commission report about the WA Police Commissioner's corporate credit card expenditure, amid an ongoing investigation.

Today, Mr Barnett confirmed he had received a copy of the CCC report on Sunday and requested Public Sector Commissioner Mal Wauchope review the document - just three weeks before Karl O'Callaghan's contract as police commissioner is due to expire.

"There are some matters in (the report) that do concern me," Mr Barnett said. "I have sent it to the Public Sector Commissioner for him to give me independent advice on it - though I note, and most importantly, that the CCC has found no recommendation or decision of misconduct."

Asked if there was anything that could prevent Mr O'Callaghan's contract from being renewed, Mr Barnett said: "I don't believe there is". "I've asked the Public Sector give me his advice on that and I expect to see that shortly."

Mr Barnett said he intended to release the report but would give Mr O'Callaghan an opportunity to respond before making it public.

In June, the CCC cleared Mr O'Callaghan over allegations he was not truthful in evidence and media statements about the Perth Hills fires last year. The CCC found no misconduct into his corporate credit card use, but did not make the report public at the time.

It is understood some of the credit card issues involved a trip Mr O'Callaghan made to Broome last year.

Today, Mr O'Callaghan said the Premier had not conveyed any concerns to him. "I think there may be some issues following out of that report in so far as other people are concerned but not me perhaps," he said.

Mr O'Callaghan said he was not frustrated by his looming contract expiry, saying any renewal was a decision for the Premier. "I think we have got the Corruption and Crime Commission to blame for this, not the Premier. They've taken a long time to deliver it after all."

Mr O'Callaghan's current contract as police commissioner concludes on August 15.

He said he had not given any consideration to what he might do should his contract not be renewed.



  1. the one thing an egotistical/corrupt cop despises more than anything is an individual/dept/agency that questions/nvestigates/criticizes their activities.he has made no secret of his displeasure with the ccc,but as an experienced officer he knows the ccc has every right to aquately investigate alleged corruption.such an investigation is of far greater importantance when it concerns an officer with the enormous responsibility of running the wa police.if one has nothing to hide,what's the concern?

  2. the ccc called on italiano. the evidence, at the very least, exposed some very tardy use of corporate credit cards by wapol hierarchy. apparently nobody was aware of that? and what happened to the missing 45% of the evidence??? in any case, if the ccc didn't believe that there was anything to substantiate an inquiry, they could have killed it at the start. the manner in which o'callaghan has so insidiously attacked the complainant, it's no wonder he was reluctant to bring the matter to him.


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