Friday, July 27, 2012

Another thug W.A. cop?

They've got a video of the incident so that's what has forced a trial. She would have been ignored otherwise

Note that they have followed the usual police coverup strategy -- charging the victim of assaultiung THEM

A YOUNG woman has told a Perth court that a police officer grabbed her by the throat and slammed to the ground as he made an arrest at a music festival three years ago.

Senior Constable Mark Johnson has pleaded not guilty to several charges of assault after the arrest of Penelope Challice at the Spring in the Valley music festival on October 11, 2009.

Nine News reports that Ms Challice today testified that she had had a couple of wines but wasn't drunk when she was evicted from the festival.

Ms Chalice alleged that she was charged at by two officers before Sen Const Johnson grabbed her by the throat and wrists, and slammed her to the ground.

Defence lawyer Jock McKenna argued that Ms Challice was verbally abusive and deliberately headbutted the officer, which she denies.

Sen Const Johnson was charged after an internal investigation into a brawl, when Ms Challice was arrested and charged with assault.

Last year, Ms Challice was acquitted of assaulting the officer after a trial in the Midland Magistrate's Court.

Sen Const Johnson is expected to give evidence when the trial continues tomorrow.



  1. The police officer had his nose broken by the woman as he tried to arrest her after she was thrown out of the event by security. The officer involved is no "thug"!- he's actually a loving and caring family man- not like the so called " victim" in this case!

  2. 1. the cop's nose was not broken and there is no evidence that the woman actually assaulted him. in fact, the trumped up case against her was thrown out of court due to zero evidence. it is wapol culture to charge the victim with assault if there is any possibility of complaint to cover their arse ie self defence or prevention of further injury and let's not forget that there were about 15 cops at the scene (and obviously at least one of them had a camera) in addition to security guards whom were focused on the woman. common sense should indicate that if the woman did actually assault him, someone would have seen it and made a statement. what we did see is quite a large number of cops assisting whilst one bully cop decided to grab her by the throat and throw her on the ground. replace the uniformed officers with mcg members and you would be calling 'thug', but you don't seem to understand that the actions are no different. in fact, the cop is entrusted by the citizens he is supposed to be protecting, as opposed to assaulting. inferring misgivings about the woman's character is just classless and pathetic. nobody deserves to be treated like that.

  3. regardless of what anyone presumes about the facts/evidence re the incident and it is frankly disgusting that Minister Harvey, Commissioner O'Kallaghan and the wapu completely ignore or vilify the victim/complainant in this case (but i am not surprised, that's o'callaghan's modus operandi when it come to anyone daring to expose police corruption) the Court is far more qualified and in a far better position to evaluate ALL of the evidence. Their rulings were not only that the restraints applied to Challice were unlawful, but further that Johnson was guilty of assaulting her. Despite this, our corrupt Commissioner of Police, Karl O'Callaghan reinstated the convicted Officer to full operational duties, setting this animal loose on our community to bully women once again with his full support.


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