Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Extraordinary Victoria police actions

To stop a speeding driver, they ordered uninvolved civilians to form a roadblock with their cars

"I'M 17 years old, and currently doing VCE at Melbourne High School. I was on my way home from the tutor on Saturday morning and my mum was supervising, as I was driving. Approximately around 11.30, while I was heading south bound on the Hume Freeway, I encountered a police vehicle, and all the cars on the freeway were brought to a halt.

The police officers exited their vehicle, and firmly instructed the traffic to form three lanes, occupying the emergency lane as well. I was right at the front of the traffic, and I initially assumed that it was a routine check. However, upon hearing the helicopter above us, and witnessing the blockage of the emergency lane, I had a feeling that this was something more serious.

The next few minutes went very fast. One second, the police officer was approaching my car. The next second she seemed to be pre-occupied with something behind my car. Before I knew it, there was a loud bang; a huge force to my back and I knew something had rammed into the back of my car. The offender's car then crashed into the concrete wall. As the man got out of the car, reality kicked in, and I realized that this guy could potentially be armed, and I feared for my life.

It was only later that I was properly informed that my mum and I had been used as a civilian roadblock. My mum and I were put in a position of extreme danger.

I'm still trying to comprehend how the police can justify the use of innocent civilian lives."


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