Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Victorian charmer

Cop accused of threats to kill driver -- gets off free

A VICTORIAN police sergeant has been caught on tape making threats to kill a tow-truck driver who claims cops are running an illegal smash-repair racket in the Macedon Ranges.

Sunbury small businessman Peter Bondin recorded the conversation, which also includes a confession from the officer that police operate an allocation system allowing cops to decide which tow trucks attend accidents in breach of state legislation.

It is understood the sergeant makes clear threats against tow-truck operator Mr Bondin on the tape.

The Sunday Herald Sun has been told the officer threatens that he is not allowed to shoot people anymore but if he gets angry enough he could do anyone.

It is believed he later says he does not care who he shoots and it is of no consequence to him.

In a warning to the driver to act ethically at crash scenes, the officer threatens to knacker the driver, get mad and hound him until he dies.

Mr Bondin lodged a complaint with Victoria Police's Ethical Standards Department but received a response in June last year saying his claims of corruption and threats to kill were "unfounded" and no action would be taken.

Instead a ruling of "improper behaviour and language" was "substantiated" and the sergeant received "workplace guidance".

In regional and rural areas including the Macedon Ranges no legislation exists allowing police to allocate tow trucks to jobs, meaning any licensed towing service can attend an accident.

It's understood that during the conversation the sergeant said police had an allocation system, which was not legislated.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster said police had come up with their own non-official allocation system "in order to fairly distribute work among local tow-truck operators".


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