Monday, April 23, 2012

Ombudsman to review police shooting in Kings Cross

There was no lawful excuse for the cops to bash the punk and fling him around after he was already on the ground.  See the video here.  The kid was clearly not resisting in any way.  His name  Troy Taylor and he was a PASSENGER in the car.  He is said to be seriously ill so if he dies it could well be a murder investigation

THE NSW Ombudsman will review an internal police investigation into the shooting of two teenagers in a stolen car that ran down a woman on a footpath in Kings Cross.

Police have called for calm after the incident at 4am on Saturday when the car mounted the footpath and hit the woman in the busy nightclub district.

Two officers on foot shot at the car's windscreen, wounding the 14-year-old driver and the 18-year-old front-seat passenger.

Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch says the family of the young men can be confident police will conduct a comprehensive investigation.  "Which I may add, will also be reviewed and monitored very closely by the Ombudsman," he said today.

He also urged people to consider in a larger context snippets of CCTV and mobile phone footage of officers allegedly pulling some of the men from the car and punching them.

Mr Murdoch reminded the public the males had been travelling in a stolen vehicle which mounted a footpath and struck a woman in a busy area.

"Let's just be a little bit calm, a little bit more restrained and see what our investigation (determines)," he said.  "Generally speaking, there is no excuse for police brutality."

Greens justice spokesman David Shoebridge said footage of the incident raised "serious and legitimate questions about police conduct".

"I will be referring this matter to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) seeking the watchdog's immediate intervention in this case," he said in a statement on Monday.

"It is not good enough to only have police investigating police in cases where there are serious questions about the police use of firearms and violence."


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  1. So the police officer recognised the offender driving the stolen car (a 14 year old), then engages in a chase through kings cross which results in risk to the public, then shot the driver of a moving car, some how its hard to believe the police cared about public safety, these police officers know how to get paid leave and/or redeployment to the gold coast, the police are not to engage in dangerous pursuits, Aboriginal people need to protect themselfs as the law and police wont protect them, chasing children through the CBD when they already know who they are is gross incompetence, maybe one day Australia could hold just one police officer responsable for a black death, just once in our history could dispell the mounting proof of systematic racial predjudice towards Aboriginals, doesnt make sense having hundreds of years of police getting let off for a black death, the facts speak for themselfs, no police will ever be charged with killing Aboriginals, they have every right to arm and protect themself from the so called civilised public servants who supposed to protect them, no evidence of Aboriginal protection, they should (as a human right) protect themself from violence as the foreign law they are forced to live under is used against them then protects the real offenders


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