Saturday, April 14, 2012

NT: Another disgraceful episode of police investigating police and finding no wrongdoing -- two thugs in uniform bashed a black guy and nearly got away with it

Once again it took a civil case to bring them to justice. Nice that will hit them in the pocket personally

TERRITORY police exonerated two officers who were found by a court to have wrongfully arrested, imprisoned and bashed a man.

Ombudsman Carolyn Richards said time had run out for Constable Adam Fitzell and Senior Constable Wayne Miller to face internal disciplinary action. She said the only form of punishment available would be dismissal.

"Demotion, loss of pay or a caution are no longer available," she said.

Tiwi Islands man Marcellus Majindi, 33, successfully sued the NT Government after Justice Dean Mildren found his treatment by the officers to be unlawful.

He was awarded $102,000 in damages on Thursday. That included Constable Fitzell and Sen-Constable Miller having to make personal payments of $5000 and $10,000 respectively.

Justice Mildren found Constable Fitzell used a baton to strike Mr Majindi in the head during his arrest while his colleague punched him in the face after being spat on at the watch-house.

But Ms Richards said: "The police investigation exonerated all officers". She said her office doesn't have the resources to do its own investigations and was "captive" to information provided by police.

Justice Mildren said that the police officers' evidence was inconsistent, dishonest and unreliable.


How can they NOT be dismissed after this ruling?. All future evidence they may give will be tainted

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