Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gutless NSW cops refuse to chase bandits

NIGHTCLUB baron Justin Hemmes had a gun put to his head during an armed robbery at one of his hotels last night. Hemmes was drinking at the recently purchased Excelsior Hotel in inner-city Surry Hills at 11pm when two men entered, armed with a screwdriver and gun and demanded cash.

A visibly shaken Hemmes told police at the scene that the men had a put a gun to his head before running out and jumping into a waiting car. "I had a gun put to my f**king head and when I chased them out, they jumped into a car and a guy shouted 'Go, go, go'," Mr Hemmes told officers.

Police from Surry Hills arrived as the bandits were making their escape from the scene. Sensing trouble, the men jumped into a black Audi station wagon before smashing into the parked police vehicle, forcing it out of the way and driving away at high speed.

It is believed that police did not give chase, instead choosing to secure the scene before circulating the area.

A clearly frustrated Hemmes was caught on camera arguing with police over why they failed to give chase. "You let them get away," Hemmes said to officers before asking whether it was for 'safety reasons'.

It is believed that the hold-up was the second robbery made by the men last night, after robbing the Rose of Australia Hotel in Erskineville fifteen minutes earlier.

Owned by Australia Hotels Association President, Scott Leach, the two men also threatened patrons before making off with a large amount of money.


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