Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Disgusting South Australian cop

An ex-community constable has been jailed after previously pleading guilty to 14 sex crimes against children in the 1970s and 1980s. Allan Gollan, 62, today was sentenced to 18 years in prison by a Judge in the Adelaide District Court.

Among the charges are two counts of gross indecency, three counts of indecent assault, carnal knowledge and possessing child pornography. Gollan was suspended from duty after 15 years when found in possession of the pornography in 2009.

The Adelaide District Court was told one of Gollan's victims was petrified at the sound of his voice and horrified at being left alone with him. Other victims told of being unable to trust men and being unable to have lasting relationships.

Judge Kevin Nicholson said Gollan had a dark past, terrorising his victims, one who was his own stepdaughter. "Your behaviour involved the predatory manipulation of your relationships with the children, your power of authority over them and their youthful naivety and fear," he said.

Judge Nicholson said Gollan was sexually abused as a child by his stepfather and had suffered physical and racial abuse during his upbringing. "There is no doubt you've suffered your fair share of hardship, abuse, depravation and tragedy," the judge said.

The court was told Gollan had alcohol problems, particularly during what he classified as his 'dark years' in the 1970s and 80s, but had been sober since the early 1990s.

Judge Nicholson said he accepted Gollan was a completely different person from the man who committed the offences but said child pornography found on his computer recently was of concern when considering his rehabilitation prospects.

"Mr Gollan, I accept you have acknowledged the sexual abuse you committed and you are genuinely sorry," he said. He told Gollan he was mindful that any period of imprisonment was "likely to consume many, possibly all, of the years you have remaining". "On the other hand, you've been able to enjoy the best part of your life living freely in the community."

Judge Nicholson said he considered imposing a suspended sentence, given Gollan's attempts to change his life and the important role he played in caring for his wife, who suffered from various physical and mental conditions. But he said the seriousness of the offences meant there would be little chance for a suspended sentence.

He set a non-parole term of 10 years and six months, backdated to when Gollan was taken into custody.

His stepdaughter appeared outside court and consented to speaking with 7News on her relief at his sentence. "I was actually thinking he’d get a lot less than he did, so I’m actually very happy," she said. "More importantly I’m just glad it’s all over with for now... For me, it’s the end, may his nightmare begin now and he can have what we had, which was hell."

She said she didn't forgive him, and his apologies in court meant nothing to her. "He’s had years to apologise to me, years... Only now that he’s got caught with his hand in the pot that he wants to say he’s sorry, it’s not worth anything to me," she said. "I hate him, not only for what he did to me, but for the ongoing effects that still happen now – that’s what I hate. I hate that I can’t function within my family, I have no external family. He took everything."


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  1. I know this case after speaking to mr gollan lawyers and they told me they had no chance of winning the case they they said the daughter in law was very add adamit about the date this all happened on and she said she was very very sure of it so mr gollan went out and got the proof that he wasnt even in the state at that time and this happened three more time until he couldnt get the proof and the photos most of them was his frand kids and the other ones was done by his daughters ex husband but she wouldnt testify against him because she was threated by him that he would take the kids away from her so how can some one defend them selfs if they have no chance of winning


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