Wednesday, January 12, 2011

S. Aust.: Victim's mum forced to 'do job of police'

This sounds just like the Qld. wallopers. Doing any work is anathema to them. They just want to cruise around big-noting themselves. I have twice provided my local cops with ID of offenders with no result

THE mother of an assault victim says she has been forced to do the work of police. She directed witnesses to provide statements and provided officers with a possible address for the suspects.

The victim, Richard, 17, stepped in to break up a fight outside a Redwood Park house on New Year's Eve, the mother says.

Three older men, described as being aged in their mid-to-late 30s and not invited to the party, watched the fight. Witnesses said they were carrying a baseball bat and nunchukkas. They also brought a rottweiler.

Richard said he helped one of the girls involved and that as he moved away, he was struck with the baseball bat by one of the men. It's also claimed that the rottweiler was set on other party-goers. The three men were later seen at a nearby address. Those details were handed to police, the mother said.

Richard was treated in hospital for facial injuries. He has undergone surgery and faces more treatment in coming months. Richard's mother said police had failed to contact a number of witnesses who had provided details.

She posted a page on her Facebook profile asking for witnesses and urging them to go to Holden Hill police station. "I feel like I am doing the job of police," she said. "I was angry, but also disillusioned about why it has taken so long and nothing had been done about it. "What about the (police getting) the baseball bat or any other evidence?"

Police yesterday said appropriate steps had been taken in the investigation and it was proceeding.

The victim made a statement at the Holden Hill police station on January 1 but no suspects were named at the time of reporting the incident, a police spokeswoman said.

Another assault, linked to the first one, was reported on January 3 and she said police would be interviewing witnesses late yesterday in relation to both assaults.


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