Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The charming Victoria police again

Cop brawl at railway station linked to drug corruption claim

ACCUSATIONS a colleague dealt drugs is suspected of sparking a wild fight between Victoria Police officers at a suburban railway station.

The Herald Sun believes bad blood began about a year ago when an officer from a suburban station officially reported a fellow member had tried to sell him drugs. The Ethical Standards Department opened an investigation into those claims. Police sources said the subject of the inquiry was unhappy at finding himself under scrutiny from the corruption investigators.

The rancour that had been generated turned physical when the member who had been accused of selling drugs and officers from the station of his accuser came across each other at an inner suburban hotel last month.

Words were exchanged between the parties and they left the pub soon after, allegedly to settle the matter elsewhere. The group converged at a nearby railway station where a bloody fracas erupted.

Security camera footage capturing much of the violence is being examined by investigators. Witnesses have also been interviewed about what they saw and events leading up to the fight.

One group of combatants was from a specialist unit of the force and the other from a busy suburban station.

Force command is believed to be deeply upset by the ugly confrontation and senior officers have been briefed to ensure the matter is thoroughly investigated. ESD detectives are investigating the railway station fight, which left one policeman in the back of an ambulance with head and facial injuries. He has since been discharged from hospital.

It is believed all officers involved in the fighting were off duty. No internal or criminal charges have been laid over the incident. Victoria Police yesterday declined to comment on claims the drug allegation was linked to the violence.


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