Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NSW policeman Marc Osborn found guilty of filming sex with women without their permission

NSW policeman Marc Osborn was today convicted of three counts of filming a person engaged in a private act without their permission for sexual gratification as some of his victims applauded in court.

Magistrate Janet Wahlquist in Downing Centre Local Court said he had secretly filmed three women, who he met on the internet, having sex in his bedroom using a clock which contained a pinhole camera.

He then downloaded the most explicit parts of the film onto his iPad and showed it to other police officers, who gave evidence to the court.

The magistrate said he had told the women he was a police officer and they said they trusted him because of this.

Osborn, 42, had told the court he filmed himself having sex to show his younger colleagues: "The old man's still got it."  On one film, he even winked at the camera.

Magistrate Wahlquist adjourned the case to September 26 for sentence.

The women said outside court that they were relieved at the verdict.

The court verdict follows today's Daily Telegraph report about a NSW Police internal affairs investigation uncovering evidence Osborn allegedly saw up to 33 women at the same time, meeting four of them on any one day as far apart as Sydney and Newcastle.

One woman has alleged to officers with the Professional Standards Command in a statement that she once had sex with the father-of-two in a fully-marked Nissan patrol police vehicle and that he spent up to four hours a shift with her in her house.

"When he was on a four-day block, I would see him and have sexual intercourse with him on three out of the four shifts,'' the woman, 31, known as Ms BB, claimed in her statement.

"Even the neighbours were commenting to me that it appeared I had personal security with the number of times that a fully marked police vehicle was in front of my house.''

She told internal affairs officers that most of the time Osborn was alone but on a few occasions he told her there was someone sleeping in the car as it was parked outside the house.

NSW Police are now facing a claim for damages from Ms BB, a single mother of two, possibly more of his lovers for failing to protect the vulnerable women.

Her lawyer Greg Walsh yesterday filed a summons in the District Court seeking details including the names of all of the officers who accompanied Osborn on duty between December 31 2010 - when he met Ms BB - and September 9, 2012 when they last saw each other.

Osborn, 42, who has been suspended without pay, let her two children play in his police car.

"I feel very betrayed that he used his position as a trusted member of the NSW Police to gain access to my home and my children,'' she told police in her statement.  "I am completely bewildered.''

The Professional Standards Command allegedly found the details of the 33 women on Osborn's mobile phone which had been seized. They allegedly also found the officer sent group text messages to some of the women.

When they spoke to Ms BB in November last year at Chatswood Police Station, they showed her a photograph of her naked which she did not know had been taken. She was also shown a 20-minute film of them having sex which she said he had secretly filmed.

She said the only photographs of her that he should have were those she had professionally taken of her topless on a bed and gave to him.

"I am completely ashamed that he took such degrading photographs of me ... and I didn't give him permission to do that,' Ms BB claimed in her statement to police.

She has told internal affairs officers that she met Osborn when he was an acting sergeant at Chatswood and he answered a radio call about "two girls fighting in a spa'' on New Year's Eve 2009. She was one of the "girls'', drunk at a neighbour's house.

She said Osborn gave her a lift home and took her inside and they began to kiss.

He contacted her a few days later and they saw each other between January and April 2010 "but only when he was working''.

They got back together in January 2011 when he had moved to Gladesville police station and she told police she saw him more on his days off when he came to her house for sex.

A police spokesman confirmed yesterday that Osborn was the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

"This is an anomaly in policing culture and one which is not tolerated by the NSW Police Force,'' a police spokesman said yesterday.