Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Controversial cop Chris Hurley pursues wages claim despite charges

<i>This is the big goon who dropped his knee on a black guy, <a href="">Cameron Doomadgee</a>, lying on the floor of a police cell -- splitting the black guy's liver and killing him</i>

CONTROVERSIAL cop Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley will press ahead with a Supreme Court bid to reinstate his pay, despite being charged with criminal offences since he launched the legal battle.

The Queensland Police Union, whose lawyers are representing Sen-Sgt Hurley, confirmed the case was still proceeding and a spokesman reiterated the organisation believed it was "oppressive" to suspend an ­officer’s wages while under investigation.

The case will be heard on Thursday and Friday in the Brisbane Supreme Court, and the union is expected to argue the suspension without pay is "not necessary to protect the interests of the Queensland Police Service".

Sen-Sgt Hurley was suspended on full pay late last year while under investigation over a police chase which involved him allegedly shooting at a suspect, and an incident unrelated to his duties.

In February, his pay was suspended and he immediately launched a Supreme Court battle to reinstate it.

He won a reprieve when the Supreme Court ordered he be paid while the case is ongoing.
Accused cop Sen-Sgt Chris Hurley is persisting with his wage claim.

Just one month later, he was charged with assault for allegedly choking a motorist and shoving a female officer.

Sen-Sgt Hurley claims he will be unable to pay the mortgage on a unit he owns that his parents live in if the Queensland Police Service’s decision to suspend his pay is upheld.

"The financial consequences ... will have a severe affect on (Sen-Sgt Hurley’s) personal circumstances," court documents relating to the case allege.

Documents filed on behalf of the Assistant Commissioner Clem O’Regan claim Sen-Sgt Hurley was ordered multiple times to pull out of a police chase on the Gold Coast in May last year before he shot at a car twice, including when it was driving away from him.

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