Sunday, January 20, 2013

Criminal Victorian cops allowed to quit as loophole lets them keep their super

A POLICEMAN who raped two children under the age of 10 was spared jail and is among more than 20 disgraced Victorian officers convicted of a crime.

The senior constable resigned from the force after receiving a two years and six month wholly suspended sentence for the child sex charges.

In total, 23 rogue officers have been found guilty of a crime since January 2010 and more are being prosecuted in Victoria's courts. Only three officers have been officially dismissed from the force. The 50 charges faced by officers include manufacturing child pornography, drug trafficking, assault and rape.

Up to 16 of the criminal cops were allowed to resign instead of being sacked, and so will receive their super.

Three remain employed by Victoria Police.

The Sunday Herald Sun has revealed more than 9500 allegations of criminal acts, bad behaviour and duty failures were made against serving members in 2009-11.

One in five allegations about bent cops were made by other police, and one in 10 were substantiated when investigated.

Assistant Commissioner Emmett Dunne of the professional standards section defended the low number of dismissals, saying it was in the public interest to allow officers to quit.

"We accept resignations when submitted because it is a waste of resources . . . we follow the directions of the OPI. There is no formal benefit for a member to resign or retire."

One guilty leading senior constable was allowed to retire despite being sent to prison for installing surveillance tools and manufacturing child pornography. Another, guilty of threats to kill and assault who served four months in jail, is still employed with no pay restrictions.

Mr Dunne said some of the cases were related to gang activity. Relationships between police and criminal suspects were closely monitored, he said.

He declined to provide the number of such links, saying they were confidential.

Legal experts claim corrupt cops regularly used a loophole to keep their hefty superannuation.

Tamar Hopkins, principal solicitor from Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre, said officers who resigned before being terminated kept access to their accounts.


  1. Typical police in Australia, maybe they could get a job in QLD, I think the commissioner likes a rapist or paedophile or crim of some kind on his force, either way Campbell Newman will protect the pig scum coz he gave Ian Leavers a job on the board of directors of Workcover in QLD. Just saying what a corruptly appointed position for a cretin like Ian Leavers,d.aGc. Nice to know QLD loves corruption also and protects lawless scum in uniform.

  2. Queensland has THE most corrupt Police Force the world has EVER known. They will soon become literal "Targets" when the OMC's discover how to buy some of the Thousands of weapons ready to be purchased from Executive Outcomes ("Outlaw" Military organisation that operates on the Tor network) who ALREADY have Tonnes of weapons in stores in & around Brisbane RIGHT NOW.
    Any "Decent Cops (If there IS such a thing in Queensland), you'd better resign now, before it's too late.


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