Monday, February 27, 2012

Police scams uncovered forcing two detectives to quit

TWO detectives have quit Victoria Police after admitting they lied to the Office of Police Integrity.

One of them was being investigated over allegedly illegally obtaining a television set recovered during a police raid. The other allegedly got the windows of his personal car tinted then claimed the work was done on a police vehicle.

Magistrate Kate Hawkins said last week that she hoped their cases would send a message to all police that engaging in even minor crimes could cost them their careers.

Leading Senior Constables Richard Sully and Robert Brown were both detectives at the Wonthaggi criminal investigations unit.

Sully, 42, pleaded guilty in Melbourne Magistrates' Court last week to misleading the OPI director in a private hearing. He was fined $4000 without conviction. Brown, 39, pleaded guilty to misleading the OPI director and was fined $2000 without conviction.

Both men resigned from Victoria Police shortly before their court appearance.

The OPI had evidence of them both lying as they contradicted evidence they gave under oath at private OPI hearings.

Brown was accused of obtaining a television set that had been recovered during a police raid on the home of a known burglar.

He then allegedly told an insurance company the television was damaged when it was actually working, and he then purchased it a reduced price.

Sully was being investigated over the window tinting he allegedly got for his personal car. Charges were laid over the window tinting and television allegations, but were later withdrawn.

Magistrate Kate Hawkins said their cases should send a message to all police that they must not compromise their integrity and must act with honesty at all times.

In sentencing Sully and Brown, Ms Hawkins said every police officer must be above reproach and must tell the truth at all times, whatever cost.


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