Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wife-bashing W.A. cop quits the force

They've got some choice ones in the W.A. force

DISGRACED policeman Niko Westergerling has resigned from WA Police - three weeks after he allegedly fired shots from his police-issue gun at a car in Nollamara.

Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan revealed during today's live Q and A with PerthNow readers that he had accepted Sen-Constable's Westergerling's resignation, effective immediately.

Sen-Constable Westergerling, 39, has been criminally charged with unlawfully firing a gun at a car of four women and a toddler during a traffic stop in Nollamara on Monday, November 14. He will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on December 16.

In the wake of the incident, the officer was immediately stood aside from duties as it emerged he had been convicted of bashing his wife and was also facing an Internal Affairs Unit probe, amid claims he had unlawfully accessed the WA Police database.

At the time, it was revealed the senior constable had been convicted and fined $2000 for a brutal attack on his wife during a heated argument at their Innaloo home in February.

Subsequent claims then arose that he had misused the secure police database to access information unrelated to his police work. That investigation by Internal Affairs Unit officers continues.

In March, Sen-Constable Westergerling narrowly avoided jail and was fined $2000 after admitting to repeatedly punching and kicking his wife during a heated argument on February 14 while he was off duty.

The court heard that the couple, who have been married for 10 years and have two young children, were arguing at their Innaloo home about a planned trip to the movies to celebrate Valentine's Day. After his wife threw a pile of his clothes onto their driveway from a balcony, Westergerling pushed her to the floor, punched her in the eye and kicked her to the body and legs.

At the time the court heard Sen-Constable Westergerling only stopped the assault when his wife threatened to call the police. She sustained a swollen and bruised right eye and cheek and bruises to her body.

Defence lawyer, Gabrielle Clarke, said her client accepted full responsibility for his behaviour, which he had described as "unacceptable and disgusting''.



  1. notice how Westergerling wasn't sacked after he was convicted of bashing his wife (narrowly missing a jail term-it was quite vicious). That is because cop karl o'callaghan doesn't mind some biffo.

    karl has beaten up his own wife on plenty of occasions. well known in the wapol because only a commissioned officer can attend the incident and they just write it off.

    It is not surprising that his drug manufacturing,dealing son also beats up women and has convictions for it(not as lucky as daddy).

    I remember karl joked about it at a graduation ceremony, saying, "what do you tell your wife when she has two2 black eyes?"..."Nothing, you've already told her twice." the whole place cracked up, even o'callaghan's wife giggled a bit.

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