Thursday, October 27, 2011

NSW cop pleads guilty to extortion

Why can't they name this scum? What has he done to deserve protection?

A SYDNEY policeman has pleaded guilty to extorting tens of thousands of dollars from tobacconists and lying to the NSW police watchdog. The disgraced detective, code named LP2, pleaded guilty today in Sydney's Downing Centre District Court.

Justice Andrew Haesler granted an application by his counsel to suppress his name because of fears of retributory attacks in jail once he is sentenced. The former detective has been on bail since 2009, but he is expected to be taken into custody some time today.

He and his co-accused, LP1, who is already serving a jail term, were involved in a number of corrupt practices dating back to 2008. They received money from tobacconists and also stole thousands of dollars worth of tobacco leaf.

LP2 pleaded guilty to six charges on the indictment and made admissions of guilt on 10 other charges, which will be considered during today's sentencing proceedings.

The charges include a raft of illegal possession offences at the time of LP2's arrest in January 2009. Police seized ammunition, an illegal baton, a butterfly knife and a handgun.

LP2 also admitted to giving false evidence to the NSW Police Integrity Commission (PIC) and attempting to influence a witness before they gave evidence to the PIC.

In April 2011, he was found to have made a false statement while applying for a passport, the court documents show.


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