Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Useless cops in South Australia too

You can believe their story if you want to. If they were really after the offender, wouldn't they have stopped to ask the woman for info about him?

AN INTERNAL review will be held in to allegations police did not respond to an emergency tripe-0 call. "Scott", 58, said he and his brother, 60, went to the aid of a young woman after they heard her give a "blood-curdling scream", at Urrbrea, about midnight on Saturday.

They saw a woman "cowering and screaming" on the ground with a man standing over her. The man then punched Scott's brother, causing a cut near his eye that required five stitches. Scott called triple-0 but claimed no police arrived although he waited on the street for "well over an hour".

Sturt police operations manager Chief Inspector Ashley Gordon said a patrol drove-by 20 minutes after the call but did not stop because they were looking for the offender, who had fled. "Once the offenders have gone Scott and his brother aren't in any danger so the patrol, from what I have been told, were looking for the offenders in the area," Insp Gordon said. "At 00:27 a patrol was on scene and began searching the area for suspects that fitted the description given by the caller."

Insp Gordon said 14 patrols were available at the time of the emergency call and police took a statement from Scott yesterday.

Shadow police minister David Ridgway demanded the findings of the review be released publicly. "What we need is an urgent transparent inquiry into why didn't (police) attend," he said. "If it's resourcing, then tell us what resources the police need."


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